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Ajay Kumar, CPA


IRS Queries and Representations

  • Tax Audit  - Being    audited   by   the IRS  or  any  other  governmental  agency   can be a daunting experience. Let our team of professional’s help you through what can  be a very stressful experience. We have  successfully handled many types of audits. From   a  basic line item audit to a full-blown corporate tax audit, at SAI CPA Services you’re in  the good hands.
  • Late Filing - Have  you  received  a  letter  from  the  IRS  stating  that  the  agency  never received your return, so  they  have  graciously  filed  one  for you? Only  now  you  owe an exorbitant amount of taxes. These are known as Substitute for Return (SFR). You may not owe the amount of tax t hat the IRS has  calculated for you. Bring it to one of  our experts before you pay the tax.
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC) - Do you   owe more taxes than you could ever pay?  We   can help. The IRS has a program known as OIC. It’s  complicated, but if  you qualify, you  could save thousands in taxes by offering the IRS less  than  the amount  owed. Contact   us for details.
  • D -Penalty   Abatement  - Did  you  file  late? Or  did  you  pay  your  taxes  late?  The  IRS routinely  assesses  penalties  for  late  filers  and payers. but  you may  be  able to get the penalties   reduced  or  even  completely  removed.  Before  you  pay  them,  call  us  fo r a consultation.
Ajay Kumar, CPA

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